Newsletter: Volume 44 - Summer 2014

Summer Fun

Happy Summer everyone. It’s an amazing time of year with the best produce the year has to offer. Stone fruit started early this Summer but continues to impress, as does sweet corn, beautiful squash, mouth watering ripe strawberries, peppers, melons and so much more. We had originally hoped to be opening our two new projects on 7th in Santa Monica at this time as well, but delays in the building process have slowed things down, so we’re all going to have to wait until the beginning of 2015 to eat Bryant’s delicious food in Santa Monica and to buy wine from Kathryn’s excellently curated selection. Luckily there’s so much to continue to enjoy in the meantime. In this newsletter you’ll hear about:

• Jeremy’s menu continuing to shine at Rustic

• Huckleberry’s summer bounty of pastries and more cookbook news

• Sweet Rose’s summer creations and updates on our newest stores

• Milo & Olive’s seasonal specialties and updates on our expansion

• Introducing Curby – a really cool new valet app designed by one
of our own

News from the Rustic Canyon Kitchen

Rustic Canyon’s menu is reaching epic levels right now with the combination of great summer ingredients and Jeremy’s inspired usage of them. There are more standout dishes than can be mentioned in this section, but some great new ones include a beautiful dish of Local Plums and Shishito Peppers, served with creamy Chevre, Garlic Scapes, Macadamia Nuts, and Mint. On these warm summer days, a refreshing bowl of Ambrosia Melon Gazpacho dazzles the taste buds, with sweet Weiser Farms melons mixed with creamy Coconut Milk, Summer Herbs, Cucumber and Almonds. The Chicken Nduja Omelet is another revelation, and a dish that’s becoming so iconic it might just have to hang out on the menu for an extended period. Here a freshly sautéed Omelet made with Chino Farms Organic Eggs, is topped with Jeremy’s intensely flavorful House Made Chicken Sausage, and topped with Calabrian Chili, Oregano, Cracklings, Smoked Potato and Crème Fraiche. On the larger plate side, local Halibut is light but beautifully flavorful with a set of Summer Vegetable Stew, Capers and Salsa Verde. Soft Shell Crabs are also here for their short but glorious season, currently being served alongside Braised Pork Belly with a combination of local Koda Farms Rice and “Black Eye Peas”, Brentwood Corn, Okra and a Dark Roux Gumbo. For dessert, Laurel Almerinda has a beautiful menu this month. Roasted Regier Farms Peaches are sweet and meaty, served with Sweet Cream and a delicious Almond Crumble. Cereal with Milk, is a playfully delicious collaboration of styles with Jeremy, featuring a Browned Butter Granola, Chamomile Infused Sweet Cream, Pudwill Farms Berries and Buckwheat Honey. Yum! Also bartender and cocktail creator Aaron Ranf continues to wow us with his new creations. This month’s favorite is called “Dragon Lady” where local Dragon Fruit from Garcia Farms is mixed with Passion Fruit, locally distilled Vodka from True, St. Germain and Lime. It’s a great way to start your meal on a hot summer night.

News From the Huckleberry Bakery

Summer is such a thrilling time at Huck because you can literally see all of the amazing summer produce on display throughout the restaurant. The salad case features beautiful grab and go options like a salad of Weiser Farms Melons with Feta & Mint and the remarkable Brentwood Corn from Dwelley Farms with Cherry Tomatoes, Roasted Red Peppers, & Cojita Cheese. In the bakery case look for Nectarine & Blackberry Kouign Amman Tarts, Gluten Free Plum Cake and Stone Fruit Cobbler. Any of these items paired with a great cup of Caffe Luxxe Coffee and you’re in for a happy time. On the menu, there are a bunch of new breakfast offerings, including a new breakfast Quinoa with Pickled Tamai Farms Sweet Peppers, Torpedo Onions, Mizuna and Two Sunny Side up Eggs. Also new is a Summer Ratatouille Tartine with Roasted Jaime Farms Summer Squash, Baby Eggplant, Tomatoes, Peppers and Basil. It’s a delicious and filling vegan lunch on it’s own and even better with a Sunny Side Up Organic Egg on top. Also a big thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered a copy of the Huckleberry Cookbook, coming out September 9th. We’ve recently received an advanced copy and are so proud of how it came out. Zoe’s book features over 100 breakfast recipes and numerous stories from the Huck kitchen. Please let us know what you think when it arrives and hopefully it brings you and your families years of happy baking and cooking.

News From Sweet Rose Creamery

Summer is Sweet Rose's time to really shine. Warm days mean crowds of enthusiastic ice cream lovers enjoying many of Shiho’s amazing creations. Summer Corn Ice Cream is back with fresh Brentwood Corn. Peaches & Cream, Nectarine Sorbet and Mulberry Sorbet, with Mulberries hand picked at Weiser Farms by Shiho and the Sweet Rose team, are also frequenting the menus at all three of our stores as of late. As many of you have learned the summer is a time for frequent Sweet Rose visits, because some of these seasonal flavors come in such small batches depending on what amounts of this special fruit Shiho and her team can get their hands on. As always remember to pop by our Santa Monica location at 826 Pico for the unique opportunity to try Shiho’s seasonal soft serve flavors like Sugar Cube Melon and Basil Gelato. Brentwood is our classic store where you can absorb the vintage Country Mart atmosphere and often get our largest selection of flavors. Or for those Mid-City and Eastsiders come visit our location at 7565 Beverly Boulevard for another large selection of ice creams, hand rolled cones, as well as beautiful Caffe Luxxe espresso. Also many of you so kindly ask us about additional stores and what our expansion plans are. We are consciously not searching out high volume tourist driven areas but instead neighborhoods where we can see so many of your smiling faces on a regular basis. So please send us a note on our website if you’re in a neighborhood in the Los Angeles Country area that you feel is in need of a locally made ice cream shop.

Milo & Olive

Chef Erin Eastland is a gem. Not only is her food delicious, thoughtful and fun, but the energy that she brings to our wide open kitchen at Milo & Olive is infectious. We love to hear how much you all enjoy interacting with Erin and her team, which is really why we made the place to open to start with. As we wait to expand, which most likely won’t happen until the end of the year, Erin and her team are turning out new favorites on a daily basis. We’re loving the new Panzanella Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes from Tutti Frutti, Cucumbers, Red Onion, Toasted Bread and a Tomato Vinaigrette. Stone fruit is present in the regularly occuring special of Peaches and Tomatoes with Burrata and in a Stone Fruit Crostini where a thick slab or our Country Bread is topped with House Made Ricotta, Olive Oil and Sea Salt. Corn is back in many forms. First in a highly addictive small plate of Sauteed Corn with Shishito Peppers and Pickled Chilis, and also in a hearty Corn Soup with Basil Oil. You can also finish your meal with a sumptuous piece of Fresh Corn Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Fresh Blueberries. On the pizza menu, new highlights are a Peach and Braised Bacon Pizza with Fontina, Thyme and Aged Balsamic and a new Vegetarian Pizza with Spicy Tomato Sauce and Roasted Summer Veggies.

RC Restaurants get Techy

Some of you know Colby Goff, the unsung hero of our restaurant group, who we’ve partnered with since the inception of Rustic Canyon. Colby wears the CFO hat handling all of our financial planning, and basically helping keep Zoe and I in check to make sure all of our restaurants run responsibly. Coming from a tech background he’s constantly looking for ways to use technology to make the restaurant experience easier for the customer and has recently applied that to the valet parking experience with his new app Curby. Curby eliminates paper waste by replacing paper tickets with reusable valet claim tickets, allows you to pay for your car with the curby app on your smartphone, and even allows you to request your car while you’re still at your seat. We are currently using Curby at Rustic so download the free app at the app store and try it out next time you’re in. We think you’ll like it.

As always we so greatly appreciate seeing your faces on a regular basis and all the support we get from you. We look forward to seeing you soon.